The ultimate tool for extraction of data from social media platforms

We've simplified the process of gathering vast amounts of metadata from social media, eliminating the need for manual effort. With CREATORNATION scraper tool, you can effortlessly power your analysis in seconds, not hours.

What you get.

Post Links. Access direct links to specific posts across platforms.

Metadata. Obtain comprehensive details including post type, shares, likes, comments and views depending on the platform.

Transcriptions. Receive voice transcriptions from videos on all platforms.

Demographic Insights. Gather gender and age data of individuals featured in the content.

Make it your own. Export your data and dive deep into the analytics of your online presence.

How it looks.


Using the scraper tool is a breeze.


Select. Choose the accounts of interest, specify the date range, and the number of posts you wish to analyze, along with the types of data you’re after.


Start Scraping. Hit “Start scraping” to begin the data extraction process and receive your results almost instantly.


Use your data. Choose to view your results through our user-friendly web interface or opt for a CSV file download for further analysis.

Get 50 posts for free. After that, you only pay for what you use.
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Simple pricing pay only for what you use once per month.

Meta data. The base pricing. Charged on all posts

0.07€per post

Transcriptions. Available on all video and audio posts.

0.1€per post *

Gender. Available on all post types.

0.14€per post *

Age. Available on images and video.

0.07€per post *

Facial Expressions. Available on images and video.

0.07€per post *
If no media was found to run the desired data analysis on, you will not be charged for that post.

For professionals and organizations interested in thousands of profiles across various social media platforms, our bulk upload feature allows you to efficiently manage profile handles and platforms all at once.

Everything is also available live in an api. Empower your analytics with CREATORNATION scraper tool – Your gateway to in-depth social media data and insights.

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